July 17, 2024

Some time ago on this very day, my wife was born in the town of Drayton Valley.  She was the first of three daughters to two loving parents.  I for one am very glad Kristy was born!  Let me tell you why.

Kristy in Tombstone Arizona 2013

Some thirty (murmur) years after her birth, Kristy is many things to me.  Among these many things she is a fantastic mother of my two children.  She is building a legacy in our children as they learn how to be people who look out for others and who know about how to have a big heart and a caring attitude.  One of the first things that was clear about Kristy when I met her was that she has a great big heart.

It has been Kristy’s big heart that has led her to take up jobs that in effect look after other people.  When I first met Kristy, she was working at the Learning Disabilities Association helping kids and their families. Next she moved on to helping immigrants.  After that it was the YMCA.  There she built strong kids, strong families, and strong communities.  Today, its motherhood and also working with the Roots of Empathy organization teaching emotional intelligence to kids in schools.  

For all the years I have known Kristy, she has been helping others.  Always looking out for those falling through the cracks.  She doesn’t just talk about it, she does it.  She is so much better at this than I am.  Actually, she’s better at it than most people I know.  The world could learn from my wife and it is fortunate that she is here.  I don’t think I’m overstating things here either.

I also love that Kristy doesn’t chase the dollar.  The pressure to have money in our society is so great these days and yet she remains well grounded in her priorities.  She is the reason we have any money at all actually.  I have never been good with money.  One of the best financial decisions I ever made was to let Kristy do the budget when we first got married.  Now I have a house.  Nuff said.

Some time in 2012

Back to the mothering thing.  Kristy is one of those relaxed mothers.  She’s not paranoid or suffocating to our kids.  She strikes a near perfect balance of being nurturing and protective while still letting our boys explore our world and make the mistakes they need to make in order to function out there on their own one day.  Kristy doesn’t parent under fear.  She has a natural way of knowing what she’s dealing with.  It’s like she sees beneath the layers of uncertainty we all have when we become parents and when she does, her parenting compass snaps into alignment.  Kristy is a great parent you guys.  I really think you all need to know. 🙂

Lastly, I can’t write a birthday post about Kristy without mentioning that she is in fact my wife.  We had our 10th wedding anniversary in September and I am so very lucky to have a woman in my life like Kristy.  She is my biggest supporter.  No matter how frustrating life becomes, I’m ok because I have Kristy.  I could go on and on in my own clunky words about what it’s like to have Kristy in my life, but instead I will borrow the words of another.  But first, join me in a big Happy Birthday to Kristy.  I’m so glad you’re here, Kristy.  Happy Birthday!

If I dream an impossible dream, it’s ok, if you’re with me
I can play anything that I want to play, if you’re there
I go walking along a summer’s day
I don’t have to think of what to say
I just walk with my love another day
-Ty Tabor
Kristy, Kelly and Julie


Kristy: Age – ridiculous glasses.

Kristy and Levi
Kristy and Seth