July 17, 2024

As promised from my last post, here are the pictures of the smoked ribs from last night.  Seriously good ribs.  The rub needs less salt though, but maybe I could just work the rub in a little less so there is less of it on there.  At any rate, it didn’t take away from things too much.

IMG_8496Again, just to give credit where credit is due, for the most part of the cook, I used the 3-2-1 method from theblackpeppercorn.com.  I used a slightly higher temperature due to the fact I needed to compress the cooking times a little. The result was still great.  Moist ribs with nice flavour.  Paired really well with a Malbec from Argentina.

So good.

1 thought on “Ribs to Remember

  1. Hear, hear!! I totally agree about giving credit where credit it due. I just made these ribs with the 3-2-1 recipe (although I was doing baby backs and went with a 2-2-1/2 timer) and these might have been the best ribs I have ever had! Major kudos to the theblackpeppercorn.com. The recipe was super easy to follow (much easier than most you find on line) and produced superb results.

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