July 18, 2024

At first it’s really good to have something new.  Things are often pretty stiff.  😉

Then you break things in, but the fit is great.  You have a new favourite in your life.

Things are great!  They are protective where they need to be and there is kind of no better place to be than just … putting them on and living it together.

It’s inevitable though.  The physical strength starts to fade.  And though you love them all the more, the wear shows in some places more than others.

Maybe there is a physical failure here and there, but it’s nothing a patch up job can’t fix.

Then one sad day… they give.  A rip that leaves them beyond repair.  It’s over.

Leaving only great memories…and a hole.


Yep, a marriage (or a love, if you will) is just like great jeans.