July 18, 2024

My loving wife bought be a Bradley Smoker for Christmas.  She got me the compact 2-rack model.  It’s big enough to do most family meals.  I’m excited to try a bunch of different things.  I can’t wait to smoke some veggies and maybe some ground beef for spaghetti sauce.  That’s gotta be awesome.  What about garlic?  Yes!  Can’t wait!

For my first attempt and for supper last night, I smoked two pork tenderloins using the hickory wood bisquettes.  Each tenderloin had a slightly different recipe.  One was wrapped in a bacon lattice, and the other was just rubbed and thn BBQ sauced right near the end.

They came out delicious and a bit overdone (My fault.  Not the smokers.)  I will take this opportunity to suggest that good meat thermometres are worth the expense.  I have had a few issues with meat drying out and over cooking and it always seems to happens when I rely on the thermometer we have.  It lies I’m pretty sure.  When I go by touch, I do better but for bigger pieces of meat, you really need to be able to take the internal temp.

At any rate, feast your eyes on the result!  My favourite was the bacon wrapped one.  Any surprises?  Next time I’ll use a non-smoked bacon if I can get some.  I’ll also cook it less, so it wasn’t as well done.  It was still tasty though.

Smoked pork tenderloin done in a Bradley Smoker.
My favourite of the two tenderloins I did.

Aside from the smoked meat, I also did a sweet and sour onion and orange pepper mixture and some steamed broccoli.  The onions and peppers were awesome at cutting through the smoke taste.  It was all paired with Don David Malbec which was awesome against the smokey flavour.  Don David Malbec is peppery and so it sits nice against the smoke.

Smoked Pork 2 Ways
Smoked Pork 2 Ways
Don David Malbec Reserve 2011
Don David Malbec Reserve 2011