June 14, 2024

Happy Easter!

On this Easter weekend, I think on the meaning of the season and I wonder about my question from my last post, How can a person today decide to want to emulate a man from 2000 years ago? Easter marks the time Christians remember the death and resurrection of Jesus, one of the two key events in the Christian year. The other event of course being the birth of Jesus. Anyone looking at this belief system from afar would obviously say that the main point of this Christian thing is Jesus. He is the reason for it all, but why?

Here’s my thing. When I think about the events that have occurred in my past in and in the past of my family, some of those we tend to attribute to God. If I think back, I have never really thought of Jesus doing these things. My mind just says God, not really Jesus. I know Jesus is in the mix but I’m not sure the PERSON I relate to is the Jesus person. Feels more like the Father person. The mystery of the trinity comes on the scene here as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are one and distinct all at once. So maybe the fact that I don’t really relate personally too much to the Son part of the trinity, is not an offense really. After all, the are one.

But this does appear to mean that I might not have a relationship with Jesus, but instead just a belief in God. Maybe I was meant to live during Old Testament times. Back then believing and understanding a resurrected Jesus was not an issue. It hadn’t happened yet. There was one less miracle to doubt on. Easier, no?

Many accept the resurrection as being a part of the story. But I wonder how many today, on Easter Sunday, are identifying with a real visceral Jesus person that they know and can get their head around? So on this Easter, I ask you to join with me in an honest moment.

What does Easter and the resurrection of Jesus mean to you? Just a dramatic story you are told is what you are meant to believe? An intensely personal time for you? Do you feel you are relating to a resurrected Jesus, or do you just kinda relate to the idea of a God? I’m interested in what you all think.

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